Fawful is a recurring character in Mario & Luigi RPG games. He is well know for his glitchy grammar, strange similes, and laughable lines, such as "I have chortles" or "Easy as bread sandwiches". He appeared in Superstar Saga as a minion of Cackletta. He ended up being a boss, and got defeated. In Partners in Time however, he made a cameo appearance as the manager of Fawful's Bean 'n' Badge. He then appeared as the main antagonist in Bowser's Inside Story. In that game, he made mischief with mushrooms, using Blorb Shrooms to create the Blorbs pandemic. He then created a vacuum shroom, which he tricked Bowser into eating. Then Bowser got an inhaling ability and sucked up nearly everyone at Peach's Castle. Then he fell unconscious. Fawful then carried him off to a cave, so that Mario and co. couldn't prevent him from conquering Mushroom Kingdom. He continually battled Bowser after that. He stole Bowser's castle, brainwashed his minions (except for some, who were caged) and tricked Bowser into getting blasted all the way to Cavi Cape when he tried taking back his castle. He eventually was inhaled by the final boss, Dark Bowser, and is later inhaled by Bowser himself. The bros then defeated Fawful in Bowser's innards. He then created a last ditch explosion, which caused Mario and co. to get blasted out of Bowser's innards.

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